DLE111 111cc Twin Canister Model Plane Gas Engine

DLE111 Gas Engine 111cc Twin Canister Model Plane Gas Engine Includes 1 X DLE111cc engine Version 2.0 Electronic (Auto Advancing) Ignition and Spiral Cable Wraps Walbro Pump Carburettor and Composite Throttle Arm Extension 2 Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Cap Grounding Spring 2 Mufflers, Gaskets and Bolts 4 Machined Engine Mounting Standoffs and Bolts User […]

DLE55RA 55cc Rear Exhaust Gas Engine

DLE55RA 55cc Rear Exhaust Gas Engine Supreme power with electronic ignition ease! This engine is not a toy. This DLE takes 50cc has a lot more power than any other engines in the category. With the rear exhaust DLE55RA, the performance of your aircraft is pushed to a new level . The piston skirt is designed […]

DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc Single Cylinder with Muffler

DLE30 Gas Engine with Muffler 30cc Single Cylinder Direct from DLE factory Include A DLE 30cc Engine Auto Advancing Electronic Ignition Aluminum Standoffs and Bolts Tillotson Pump Carby & Alloy Throttle arm extension Specification 3.7HP/8500rpm Idle Speed: 1600rpm/min 8.5KG Pulling Force/ 100 meters Altitude 7.5KG Pulling Force/1800 meters Altitude The specification of the aircraft propeller: […]

DLE20 20cc Single Cylinder Gas Engine with Muffler

More power than a CRRC Pro 26 or a Saito 1.25 nitro! Includes: DLE-20 Engine Auto Advancing Electronic Ignition Mufflers, Gaskets and Bolts Specifications: Horsepower: 2.5-HP/9000rpm RPM: 1750-9000 RPM Idle speed: 1750 rpm Static Thrust: 13.2 lb Pulling Force at 100 meters; 11.7 lb Pulling Force at 1800 meters Recommended Props: 14×10, 15×8, 16×6, 16×8, 17×6 Displacement: 20cc Bore and Stroke: 32mm×25mm Compression […]